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We recently made the decision to move neighborhoods, so we can be a bit closer to where we do business and nearer to our friends.  We currently live in Kimironko (near the market) and will be moving to Kiyovu (near downtown).  This move entails A LOT of work…


When we first arrived in Kigali, we had planned to fully furnish a home and start completely from scratch.  Another opportunity arose and we were quite blessed with a house to rent that was already furnished (including kitchen appliances) and this saved us an enormous amount of headaches and money at the time.  However, we now find ourselves with an opportunity to rent a house in the area of town we desire to live, and for the same price (at least monthly).  Unfortunately, we now have to put in the commitment, money, sweat and tears to start furnishing a home with nothing in it (literally), and do this all while trying to navigate “africa”.  This includes the challenges of trying to source anything new as a white person, who doesn’t speak Kinyarwanda, doesn’t really understand the correct prices/value of certain items, or know where to go to find what you’re looking for. 


So we don’t quite have the typical furniture shopping spree as we prepare for a move across town in Kigali, Rwanda.  The furniture shops here are mostly building areas in the back streets, where folks are literally constructing the Dubai-style furniture.  You bargain there for a proper price, and then hire a truck to bring your new items home.  We took a trip to shop for our new furniture and this is what we found…

Casey has decided to build the majority of our tables for our living room, hallway and even dining room, and I have chosen to be in charge of finding, sourcing and purchasing the other pieces of furniture.  For instance, I have chosen to buy banana leaf wrapped (wicker) sofa and chair for the living room, and have the cushions made from scratch.   I have already spent hours at “Rwanda Foam” ordering the cushions, and now have to find a place that sells upholstery (somewhere!) that I like, and then a seamstress who works with upholstery to then to sew the cushions.  Phew, I’m tired just talking this out, and we haven’t even gotten to trying to find a refrigerator, stove, and dining room chairs!  Oh, I guess we need beds too…




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