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Bangladesh Bicycle Use

I have climbed many a mountains on my bicycle, but never hauled anything but my own big ass… I feel a bit unworthy compared to the cyclists in Bangladesh:

I wouldn't want to wreck with this load!

These guys are crazy strong; carrying gigantic loads through town on their bikes.

Rickshaw - common mode of transport around Bangladesh.

I'm a total Wanna-be!


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Bengali New Year

We just rang in the New Year at the “Hotel Castle Salam” in Khulna Bangladesh!  It was a memorable New Years – we went out to the street vendors and took tea with the locals, hovered around our hotel restaurant for the high quality entertainment and tried to get into a local dance club (of which we were kindly declined).  Then we went to the little shop and chatted with the university kids (all men) whom also offered us some pot (!).

As we walked the neighborhood amongst the slough of rickshaws, bicycles, loud honks and crazy drivers, we brought in a gathering of locals who came to see what the Americans were doing in their little city in Bangladesh.  Like most countries we’ve visited in Africa, we tend to become the local celebrities, often bringing about heavy stares, giggles and strange questions.  We’ve become used to this in some ways.  But tonight was special.  Tonight, we had people ask to take OUR pictures!  Camera phones were coming out left and right as the people of Khulna rarely have strange foreigners visiting their little town, and they too wanted to document these people of another land.  It was good for us to be on the other side of the camera I think.

We reminisce: One year ago TONIGHT, Casey and I were in the same city (San Diego) with our very close friends (Amanda and Todd), but in two separate places ringing in the new year.  It wasn’t until the next night, January 1st, that we all hung out together and Casey dropped his one liner on me:  “I’d really like to travel internationally with you some day.”  No joke.  He really said that!  So here we are, one year later, on the other side of the world.  (I got him to marry to me too by the way!)

So not only is this a new year for us together, but we also consider it our anniversary in a way.  Happy New Year to all of you, and may 2010 bring upon it many new adventures (internationally I hope)!

A quick stop into the market next door brought about many onlookers.

New friends met outside our hotel.

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