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The last few days of our round-the-world trip were quite a whirl-wind.    Casey had been dealing with a bit of separation anxiety for about a week prior to the end of the trip, while my realization of the ending didn’t really hit me until the morning of our last day abroad. We woke up in Mexico City on a beautiful Sunday morning and I turned to my husband and said, “today is the last day of our RTW.”  He looked at me with a look of “duh,” (though not saying it aloud), kindly smiled at me, and wrapped his arms around me.  I was then engulfed in a wonderful hug.  We sat in that moment, thinking of what was about to end and what was about to start, and for that moment, thought about home.  But first, we had our one single day in Mexico City left to experience…

We grabbed a quick two nights, one full day, lay-over in Mexico City, on our flight home from Guatemala.  Casey and I have both spent some good time in Mexico, both separately and together, but have never made it to the capitol city.  We thought, why not?  To add gravy on top, we had also met a few folks who were from Mexico City back in the beginning of our RTW (while we were in Turkey) of whom we had kept in touch with and encouraged us to visit their hometown.   So similar to how we began our trip – in Munich Germany with our new friends Mathias and Tanja – we were going to finish our RTW trip with our new friends from Mexico City, Erika and Omar.

Erika and Omar were amazing tour guides.

Off to see the mariachi bands!

Ancient city ruins of Teotihuacan

Pyramid of the Sun - Teotihuacan

Downtown Mexico City

Last but not least: the authentic tacos al pastor that we have been craving!

What a great way to end our adventure.  Now, to get home…


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